Landlady song lyrics by U2

Landlady lyrics by U2

'Landlady' song lyrics by U2

Landlady is expected to be a song on U2's Songs of Experience studio album which is the companion album to Songs of Innocence.

The track is still not confirmed however but the name of the song as been mentioned by the band to reports so their might just be chance the song will see the light of day.

We can be more reasonably sure that The Little Things That Give You Away is a real song because Bono actually revealed the lyrics to the world!

Where The Shadows Fall lyrics by U2

Where The Shadows Fall song lyrics by U2

This is the name of a song that U2 have dropped in early 2016. It could be a new track from the Songs of Experience album. It may have been given a new name as is common for U2 to do. It may have not even made it to the final track listing of the album.

U2's 'Where The Shadows Fall' lyrics