"The Showman" lyrics by U2

U2's The Showman lyrics

U2's The Showman lyrics from Songs of Experience

Bono has said of the song, "It's like something from Rubber Soul," he says. "It's about singers. It's not me." Which sounds fair as most U2 lyrics are about subjects other than the band (Bono has written a lot about his mom and dad though!)

Sure it isn't Bono! There's no way U2 can pull out some Rubber Soul magic at this point in their career, they've already had Achtung Baby and The Joshua Tree success! Right?

Bono also made a tellingly contradictory comment on the lyrical meaning of the song  in an interview he gave to Rolling Stone Magazine, prior to the release of the Song of Experience album,:

"There's a song called "The Showman" which is a letter to our audience, it's kind of about performers and how you shouldn't trust them too much. It's about me, haha."

Which just like the line in the song about trusting singers, you can't trust Bono when he is waxing lyrical!

The Showman lyrics

Bono has revealed 4 lines from the song:

The showman give you front row to his heart
The shaman prays that his heartache will chart
Making a spectacle of falling apart
Is the heart of the show

I lie for a living, I love to let on but you make it true when you sing along?

Some other titles of songs mentioned by Bono include: 
You're The Best Thing About Me was the first single to be released from the Songs of Experience album.

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