Boy album lyrics by U2

U2's debut album "Boy," released in 1980, presents a vivid exploration of adolescence and the transition into adulthood, capturing the essence of youthful hope, confusion, and vulnerability. The album is imbued with themes of innocence and experience, a dichotomy that resonates through its lyrics and sound. 

In tracks like "I Will Follow," there is a palpable sense of loss and devotion, reflecting the emotional turmoil that often accompanies growing up. 

The song is said to be influenced by the death of Bono's mother, adding a layer of personal grief to the universal experience of maturation. The theme of searching for identity and purpose is prevalent throughout the album, notably in songs like "Out of Control" and "Twilight," where the lyrics convey a restless desire for meaning and belonging in a complex world. 


"Boy" also touches on the theme of societal expectations and the pressures faced by young people, as exemplified in "An Cat Dubh" and "Into the Heart," which delve into the darker, more introspective aspects of adolescence. The raw energy and emotional intensity of the album, combined with its exploration of these themes, not only defined U2's early sound but also resonated with a generation grappling with similar issues of identity, growth, and the challenges of coming of age.

Common lyrical themes among the album's songs are the thoughts and frustrations of adolescence which is not surprising as U2 were just a bunch of 20-something Irish lads when Boy came out!

Boy is probably best known for is classic tracks "I Will Follow" and The Electric Co.

Boy Lyrics:

1. "I Will Follow"
2. "Twilight"
3. "An Cat Dubh"
4. "Into the Heart"
5. "Out of Control"

Side two

1. "Stories for Boys"
2. "The Ocean"
3. "A Day Without Me"
4. "Another Time, Another Place"
5. "The Electric Co."
6. "Shadows and Tall Trees"

A question often asked about the album is, who is the boy on the cover? The answer is Peter Rowen. He went on to become a photographer.

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