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October was U2's follow up to their debut album Boy. Produced again by Steve Lillywhite, it was a more polished effort but did not win over as many critics as the first album. The track Gloria has proved to be a song that has stood the test of time and as the title of that song suggests, October's lyrics were of a heavily spiritual nature and they were all written by Bono.

October album cover U2

This album stands out for its exploration of spirituality, a stark contrast to the more secular themes prevalent in much of early 1980s rock music. 

The title track, "October," and songs like "Gloria" and "Tomorrow" are imbued with references to faith and spiritual struggle, resonating with a sense of seeking and yearning for something beyond the tangible. 

The spiritual introspection in "October" is often intertwined with themes of doubt and uncertainty, as the band members grappled with their religious beliefs amidst the pressures of rising fame and the tumultuous landscape of the music industry. Additionally, the album touches on themes of loss and transition, evident in the poignant lyricism of "With a Shout (Jerusalem)" and "Fire." 

These themes are reflective of the band's own experiences during the album's production, marked by personal challenges and a sense of artistic evolution. 

The raw, somewhat unpolished sound of "October," distinct from their later work, mirrors the vulnerability and authenticity of its themes, presenting a candid, introspective snapshot of a band in the midst of both personal and artistic growth.

October Lyrics:

1. Gloria
2. I Fall Down
3. I Threw A Brick Through A Window
4. Rejoice
5. Fire
6. Tomorrow
7. October
8. With A Shout
9. Stranger In A Strange Land
10. Scarlet
11. Is That All?

Fun Fact: October is the least selling of all the U2 albums. Even Pop sold more! We jest, it was their 2nd album, Irish grown from humble roots. Can't win em all. 

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