Book Of Your Heart lyrics by U2

U2's 'The Book Of Your Heart' lyrics from Songs of Experience

U2's 'Book Of Your Heart' lyrics from Songs of Experience (Deluxe Version)

Bono said of the song's meaning "Yeats has this phrase, he says he 'desires a poetry as cold and as passionate as the dawn', and I wanted to write about the cold passion of great relationships.... It's about the knowingness that you need to help get your partner through their life, and vice versa."


Right at the start
You put this into words
How you think we should proceed, yeah

You wanted me alone
With the pictures that you've seen
Of where you haven't been
But where you want to go

Ask the leaf and ask the bird
Not to sing or speak a word
We are not fictitious characters
But we don't belong to this world

The book, the book of your heart
One tiny mark, an entry
In the book of your heart
It's written on skin
To even be in
The book of your heart

You can change your name, or even who you are
That's the beauty of the scar
That is the contract of the heart
This is our wedding day
This is the promise that we'll stay
Through the long descriptive passages
Where we don't know what to say

This song is only available as part of the deluxe version of the Songs of Experience album. 

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