"4th Of July" (instrumental) Lyrics

"4th Of July" (instrumental)

This is an instrumental track so accordinly there are no lyrics.

The song is an instrumental track and has never been performed live, although Adam Clayton did play it as a warm-up during a soundcheck before U2's concert in San Jose on 20 April 2001.

"4th of July" came about almost entirely through a moment of inspiration from Eno. At the end of a studio session, Eno happened to overhear Adam Clayton doodling on a simple bass figure; he liked what he was hearing, so recorded it ad hoc as it was being played. Guitarist The Edge happened to join in, improvising a few guitar ideas over the top of Clayton's bass; neither knew they were being recorded. Eno added some treatments and then transferred the piece straight to two-track master tape—and that was the song finished, with no possibility of further overdubs.

It is the only instrumental song on a regular full-length U2 album (not including Original Soundtracks 1). It was frequently used as the last song played before U2 took the stage during the Unforgettable Fire Tour.

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