Passengers Lyrics Original Soundtrack Vol 1 by U2

Original Soundtracks Vol 1 Lyrics by U2 / Passengers

If you fans had thought U2's grammy award wining Zooropa was experimental and weird, no one was prepared for the insanity that was Original Soundtracks Vol 1. U2 teamed up with Brian Eno and other artists to be known collectively as passengers to produce an album of weird and wonderful delights such as Your Blue Room and the very popular Miss Sarajevo.

Original Soundtracks Vol 1 lyrics

1. "United Colours"
2. "Slug"
3. "Your Blue Room"
4. "Always Forever Now"
5. "A Different Kind of Blue"
6. "Beach Sequence"
7. "Miss Sarajevo"
8. "Ito Okashi"
9. "One Minute Warning"
10. "Corpse (These Chains are Way too Long)"
11. "Elvis Ate America"
12. "Plot 180" Hypnotize
13. "Theme from The Swan"
14. "Theme from Let's Go Native"

Note songs 1 and 12,13,14 have no lyrics.

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