'War' album lyrics by U2

War album Cover

War album lyrics by U2

War was U2's third album  and could be considered their 'breakthrough' recording.

Featuring the big hit of Sunday Bloody Sunday, the album signalled a new change in U2's song subject matter - pushing aside some of the more earnest spiritual side of Boy and October, War's lyrics were more politically charged which became a feature of U2's song writing.

The song 'Seconds' was focussed on Bono's concerns about nuclear arms and features The Edge singing the first two verses.

War Lyrics:

1. Sunday Bloody Sunday
10. "40"

A left over from the War recording sessions was the song, Angels Too Tied To The Ground

War was produced by Steve Lillywhite and was U2's first number one album in the UK, knocking off Michael Jackson's Thriller of the chart's top spot.