'There Is A Light' lyrics U2

'There Is A Light' song lyrics by U2

Said to be the final track on Songs of Experience, There Is A Light is apparently written by Bono with his sons in mind. 

It is not a cover of the Smiths' song, There Is A Light, That Never Goes Out

Landlady song lyrics by U2

Landlady lyrics by U2

'Landlady' song lyrics by U2

Landlady is expected to be a song on U2's Songs of Experience studio album which is the companion album to Songs of Innocence.

The track is still not confirmed however but the name of the song as been mentioned by the band to reports so their might just be chance the song will see the light of day.

We can be more reasonably sure that The Little Things That Give You Away is a real song because Bono actually revealed the lyrics to the world! Get Out of Your Own Way also is a confirmed song on the album, indeed it's the second official single.

The Book Of Your Heart lyrics by U2

U2's 'The Book Of Your Heart' lyrics from Songs of Experience

U2's 'The Book Of Your Heart' lyrics from Songs of Experience (Deluxe Version)

Bono said of the song's meaning ""Yeats has this phrase," Bono explained, "he says he 'desires a poetry as cold and as passionate as the dawn', and I wanted to write about the cold passion of great relationships.... It's about the knowingness that you need to help get your partner through their life, and vice versa."

What songs does The Edge sing on?

What U2 lyrics does The Edge sing?

What U2 songs does the Edge sing on?

The Edge sings on plenty of U2 songs as back up vocalist, often sharing those duties with Larry. 

Here's a couple of songs where The Edge has taken the lead vocal duty. Clicking on the song name with take you to the lyrics.


"Numb" was released as the Zooropa's first single. Numb is a repeating, monotonous mantra spoken by The Edge with a drumbeat sampled from the Leni Riefenstahl film Olympia. 

"Numb" also features backing vocals by Bono and Larry Mullen, Jr i.e. while the The Edge sings in a slow monotone while Bono sings around it in his 'opera' voice.

Here's the video of Numb as it's a classic!

Van Dieman's Land was the original name used by Europeans for the island of Tasmania, Australia. The lyrics were written and sung by U2's one and only The Edge. 

The song is dedicated to a Fenian poet named John Boyle O'Reilly, who was deported to Australia because of his poetry and Fenian leanings. 

The track itself is from Rattle and Hum.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

During the Pop Mart tour, The Edge took lead vocal duties live on stage for this song. Edge sang alone and without accompaniment from the rest of the U2 band, save for his own guitar.

You're The Best Thing About Me

From Songs of Experience, The Edge sings a full verse near the end of the song:

"I can see it all so clearly
I can see what you can’t see
I can see you lover her loudly
When she needs you quietly"

The Edge is also noted as singing the the first half of the song "Seconds" from War, dual vocals with Bono in "Discotheque" from the Pop album, and the bridge in the song "Miracle Drug" (though there's some debate about that).

Watch U2's 'You're The Best Thing About Me' video

You're The Best Thing About Me now has an official U2 video!

Featuring the city of New York, the video follows the band checking out the sights of the city, playing pool and downing a few beers, just as you would expect from some Dublin lads.

The imagery of the Statue of Liberty is no coincidence - Bono has said that many of the songs on Songs of Experience are a commentary on the American Presidency of Donald Trump (check out American Soul for example or his live lyric change to Bullet the Blue Sky on the Jimmy Fallon show).

Love Is All We Have Left lyrics by U2

 Love Is All We Have Left song lyrics by U2

 Love Is All We Have Left song lyrics by U2

A song confirmed by Bono to be on the Songs of Experience album.

Bono said this to Rolling Stone Magazine about the song:

"There's nothing to stop this being the best day ever." In the second verse, innocence admonishes experience: "Now you're at the other end of the telescope, seven billion stars in her eyes, so many stars so many ways of seeing, hey, this is no time not to be alive." 

It's a chilling moment – in the chorus I was pretending to be Frank Sinatra singing on the moon, a sci-fi torch song "love, love is all we have left, a baby cries on the doorstep, love is all we have left."

'The Lights Of Home' lyrics by U2

'The Lights Of Home' lyrics by U2 THE EDGE

'The Lights Of Home' lyrics by U2 from Songs of Experience 

The Lights of Home song has been confirmed by The Edge in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine and it will appear on the Songs of Experience album.

The Edge revealed that the original name of the song was "The Lights in Front of Me".

The song also features guest vocals from Haim, in part because it samples their song "My Song 5.

Bit of a theme appearing on SEO when matched with Blackout?


The Edge has revealed in an interview a sneak peak at a line:

"I shouldn't be here cuz I should be dead / I believe my best days are ahead."

It's Bono's reflection of a health scare he had. 

What's in an album name? Innocence and Experience


What's in an album's name? Songs of Innocence and Experience

Now that the dust has settled somewhat with the release of U2's Songs of Innocence, we can take the opportunity to ponder the album's title. 

What's in a name?

Where did it come from and what was the inspiration? 

A little bit of literary digging reveals the title to be a reference to William Blake's work, Songs of Innocence and Experience

What was this work about?

It was a collection of poems that reflected on how the state of childhood 'innocence' was influenced by the world cutting in on childhood as 'experience'.

These being influences such as corruption, oppression by religious movements, state domination and the machinations of the dominant classes.

So why is this relevant to U2?

Bono has centered several songs of the album's lyrics around growing up in Ireland.

He said in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine:

"We wanted to make a very personal album... Let's try to figure out why we wanted to be in a band, the relationships around the band, our friendships, our lovers, our family. The whole album is first journeys—first journeys geographically, spiritually, sexually"

Iris is about the early loss of his mother.

 Cedarwood Road is about childhood friends that group up with Bono in the street.

The Miracle reflects the influence of the band that The Ramones had on them as young men and even This is Where You Can Find Me Now is an ode to The Clash's Joe Strummer - a man whose songs greatly inspired them.

Raised by Wolves covers a car bombing in Ireland that Bono personally felt close to - real world experiences creeping in as he and his band mates become men.

The affect of William Black on Bono's song writing subjects has not been a recent observation. For a 1997 review of the 'Pop' album, poet Brendan Keneally noted when discussing that album's lyrics:

"We live in an age when sexuality and spirituality are usually treated as completely separate realities despite the fact that down through the ages some of the greatest poets and song-writers identified the presence of the one in the other. Think of Blake's 'Songs of Innocence and Experience', D. H. Lawrence's poems, stories and novels, and some of W. B. Yeats's greatest poems."

Light and dark? She wore lemon, but never in the day light...

Interesting, Bono was proclaimed the album was going to be called Songs of Ascent which I think was a reference to the Psalms of the Christian bible.

But that's not the half of it

The Joshua Tree album was originally intended to open with a track called "Beautiful Ghost".

Bono was to recite "Introduction to Songs of Experience" but the recording was dropped in favour of the album opening with Where the Streets have no name, a wise choice.

None-the-less it's clear Blake's writings have been on Bono's mind for some time.

In amongst the madness of the release of Songs of Innocence Bono revealed the existence of a second album U2 intend to release, Songs of Experience.

Released some 3 years after SOI, it acts as a direct companion album to Innocence - presumably in the same way the Grammy award wining Zooropa was a very close cousin to U2's career highlight, Achtung Baby.

Perhaps this second album will tell the kind of tales that Blake thought changed children - it would not be new territory for Bono. Indeed, the official word from U2 described the album's lyrical meaning as:

'While Songs of Innocence charted the band’s earliest influences and experiences in the late 1970s and early 80s, the new album is a collection of songs in the form of intimate letters to places and people close to the singer’s heart; family, friends, fans, himself
Check out the the Songs of Innocence album on Amazon and the new single from Songs of Experience, You're The Best Thing About Me and the ripper of a track, The Blackout.

"Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way" lyrics by U2

"Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way" lyrics by U2

"Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way" lyrics by U2 from Songs of Experience

This is a title of a song that Bono mentioned in the lead up to the release of the Songs of Experience album and it seems very likely that it will make the final album track listing.

We suspect this is the longest U2 song title ever?


Bullet the Blue Sky Live 2017 lyrics from Jimmy Fallon

Bullet the Blue Sky Jimmy Fallon lyrics

As U2 promote the Songs of Experience album, they did another stint on Jimmy Fallon to promote You're the Best Thing About Me and matched it with a revamped set of lyrics to their fan favourite song, Bullet the Blue Sky.

The lefties at Twitter incorporated will not be happy:

BTBS starts with the classic U2 lyrics but when Bono gets to the standard rant about USA meddling in the politics of another country, he ups the ante:

In the howlin' wind
Comes a stingin' rain
See it drivin' nails
Into the souls on the tree of pain.
From the firefly
A red orange glow
See the face of fear
Runnin' scared in the valley below.

Bullet the blue sky
Bullet the blue sky
Bullet the blue
Bullet the blue.

In the locust wind
Comes a rattle and hum.
Jacob wrestled the angel
And the angel was overcome.
You plant a demon seed
You raise a flower of fire.
We see them burnin' crosses
See the flames, higher and higher.

Bullet the blue sky
Bullet the blue sky
Bullet the blue
Bullet the blue

Suit and tie comes up to me
Face orange as a rose on a thorn bush
Skin as thin as orange crush
And he's peeling off those dollar bills
Slapping them down
One hundred
Two hundred

I can see those fighter planes

I can see those fighter planes

WMD in their veins

Ground shakes but the children can’t weep
Vaporized in a single tweet
The emperor rises from his golden throne
Never knowing, never BEING known
The lights are on the presidents home
Oh my god I’ve never felt so alone
Outside its America
Outside its America

In a far off palace in a far-fetched land
Another baby plays a baby grand
Fingers on the keys of a siren song
Finger on the button of oblivion
And all I can think of is my son

All I can think of is my son
He misses his ma, misses his da
And he runs
And he runs
And he runs
Into the arms of america

If you were wondering, the lyrical change is a reference to Donald Trump and that guy oppressing the people of North Korea.