This Is Where You Can Reach Me lyrics by U2

This Is Where You Can Reach Me lyrics by U2

This is the title of a song Bono has suggested might be on the new album.


Lyrics will be published here as soon as the song is released by Larry and his band mates. 

The troubles lyrics by U2

The Troubles is a song by U2 that is expected to be on the new album. 


Will be published here when the song is released. 

Song For Someone lyrics by U2

Song For Someone lyrics by U2

Lyrics for a new song by Bono and U2

What lyrics has the Edge written for U2?

edge u2
This is the Edge!
The Edge is known as U2's guitarist however he is really Bono's other half. He is the Richard to Bono's Jagger, the John to Bono's Paul. But enough with the cliche's - the two are a song writing partnership that has prospoered both within and without U2.

For instance they are both credited as writing the Spider Man musical, Turn off the Dark and Golden Eye for Tina Turner which featured in the James Bond film of the same name.

Whilst Bono contributes the majority of U2's lyrics and is the front man for the band, the Edge has quietly whiled his time away, contributing some great lines of verse.

Here's three of the Edge's well known songs and lyrics where he has been separated from his writing partner:


"Numb" from the Grammy Award winning album Zooropa is perhaps the Edge's most popular song where he wrote the majority of the lyrics. Featuring himself talking in a dull and disturbing monotone that would make David Duchovny proud, the Edge covers a random amount of territory advising the listener to not 'speak but suggets' and refrain from 'pissing in the drain'.

One of U2's defining political songs, the song had i's origins in the now famous riff written by The Edge and some lyrics he put together and the song grew from there.

Van Diemen's Land

The lyrics to this song where from an inspired Edge after learning of the story of a Fenian poet named John Boyle O'Reilly, who was deported to Australia because of his poetry. He probably stole some pigs or something too. The track itself is from Rattle and Hum.

Invisible lyrics by U2

Invisible is the song title of a new U2 song, their first since the 2013 release of Ordinary Love.

No word if the song will feature on  an as yet unnamed album but it is going to be used to help promote an AIDS awareness programme, RED. The song debuted during the 2014 Superbowl as a free download to draw support for RED's work.

Described as an 'anthemic number about leaving one's hometown'.

Invisible lyrics by U2

It’s like the room just cleared of smoke
I didn’t even want the heart you broke
It’s yours to keep
You just might need one

I finally found my real name
I won’t be me when you see me again
No, I won’t be my father’s son

I’m more than you know
I’m more than you see here
More than you let me be
I’m more than you know
A body in a soul
You don’t see me but you will
I am not invisible

That's right
I’ll be in the invisible world

I don’t dream, not as such
I don’t even think about you that much
Unless I start to think at all

All those frozen days
And your frozen ways
They melt away your face like snow

I’m more than you know
I’m more than you see here
I’m more than you let me be
I’m more than you know
A body in a soul
You don’t see me but you will
I am not invisible
I am here

There is no them
There is no them
There’s only us
There’s only us
There is no them
There is no them
There’s only us
There’s only us
There is no them
There is no them
There’s only you
And there’s only me
There is no them

Invisible is yet another Bono lyric that features a reference to his Father, check out the discussion at Mothers and Fathers.

How many number ones has U2 had?

U2 live

How many number ones have U2 had?

The short version: UK 7 and US 2

The long version:

U2 have had all kinds of hits on the music charts but at the end of the day it’s the songs that made number one on those charts that are often the ones asked about as questions in pub quizzes. So to help you out, here’s a list or two of U2 songs that have made number one.

There are various kinds of charts that track popularity and they often revolve around rock, country and blues and are used to allow music that would never be mainstream get some air time. There’s even the itunes charts which for some unexplained reason people seem to think matters…

Two my mind there are only two charts that really count. Being ‘Top of the Pops’ in the UK means you are number one and crowning the Billboard 200 means you have the most popular song for the week in America. And we’ll use those charts to show how many number on hits U2 have had.

First up is the America Billboard chart which shows the U2 have had two number one hits. Both hits were from The Joshua Tree and were With or Without You and I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. Desire from Rattle and Hum made it as high as 3 and a couple of singles from Achtung Baby and Pop made the top 10 and that’s it.

So, U2 have only had 2 number one American hits.

It’s a better story for the UK chart where U2 have had a bit more success in terms of chart toppers.

Nothing from The Joshua Tree went to number one despite the album’s massive success so it was Desire that became U2’s first UK number one hit It came from Rattle and Hum. In 1991 when The Fly flew off as the lead single from Achtung Baby it landed at number 1. It was a long time between drinks when Discotheque dropped in 1997.

U2’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind had a string of popular singles but only Beautiful Day in 2000 managed the spot. A debatable number one is Take Me to the Clouds Above" by LMC vs. U2. Debatable as it was a song featuring samples from U2's With or Without You with a health splash of Whitney Houston thrown in. At the end of the day, the song has U2’s name in the space where the artist’s name goes so it counts as a number one.

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb offered a notable double with both Vertigo and Sometimes You Can’t Make It on Your Own grabbing their time in the top position.

No Line on the Horizon suffered from a lack of hit singles.

This means U2 have had seven number one hits in the UK and two in the U2. Unsurprisingly U2 are even more popular in their home country of Ireland and owned the number one place an awesome 21 times.

The next most popular country is the enlightened people of Canada with 14 which is twice as many as the UK successes.

List of U2’s UK number one songs:
  • Desire
  • The Fly
  • Discotheque
  • Beautiful Day
  • Take Me to the Clouds Above
  • Vertigo
  • Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own

U2's songs written about Africa and its people

bono in africa

U2's songs written about Africa and its people

U2 have sang many political songs over the years and many of them focus on the struggles of people within certain countries, here's a few songs related to Africa.

Ordinary Love

A non album track by U2, it was used to promote the film which tells the story of Nelson Mandela's A Long Walk to Freedom.

Silver and Gold

An anti-apartheid song written with Little Steven to protest the oppresion of the South African people by the regime that existed at the time.

Where the Streets Have No Name

A song inspired by Bono's work in Africa in the early 80s. The song's lyrics are a juxtaposition of the U2's early live in Belfast, Ireland where one could tell another's religion by the area in which they lived.

The  lyrics of this song are a commentary about the relationship between Western countries and developing countries such as Africa. The verses and chorus address the relationship from the perspective of citizens from the developing world, focusing on the disparity between the long-term socioeconomic planning stressed by the West and the developing world's immediate need for sustenance.

Bono did a cover of this song with Alicia Keys. It was originally recorded by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush.

Soon lyrics by U2

Soon lyrics by U2

As found on the U2360 Live From The Rose Bowl which was released in 2010.


Soon, soon
Soon, soon
Soon, soon

Sing yourself on down the street
Sing yourself right off your feet
Sing yourself away from victory
And from defeat

Sing yourself with fife and drum
Sing yourself to overcome
The thought that someone has lost
And someone else has won

Soon, soon
Soon, soon
Soon, soon

Ordinary Love lyrics by U2 - song from Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

ordinary love lyric by U2

Ordinary Love lyrics by U2 

U2 have written and recorded a song titled "Ordinary Love" for the film, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. The film is based on  Nelson Mandela's autobiography of the same name.

U2 have been long term supporters of the people of South Africa, the break down of apartheid and of course Nelson Mandela so it's no surprise they've lent their song to the movie. U2 have written a couple of songs for Africa - Silver and Gold and very famously Where the Streets Have No Name.

Of the song itself Bono noted "It's a plea for common decency among the people who've been oppressed and it's a plea for common decency in a marriage as it starts to fall apart.
In 2014 U2 won their second Golden Globe for Best Original Song from a Motion Picture for this song. In 2003 they won for song "The Hands That Build America".

The sea wants to kiss the golden shore
The sunlight warms your skin
All the beauty that's been lost before wants to find us again

I can't fight you any more, it's you I'm fighting for
The sea throws rock together but time leaves us polished stones

We can't fall any further
If we can't feel ordinary love
And we can't reach any higher,
if we can't deal with ordinary love

Birds fly high in the summer sky and rest on the breeze.
The same wind will take care of you and I.
We'll build our house in the trees.

Your heart is on my sleeve
Did you put it there with a magic marker?
For years I would believe that the would couldn't wash it away


We can't fall any further
If we can't feel ordinary love
and we can't reach any higher

Are we tough enough for ordinary love?

We can't fall any further,if
We can't feel ordinary love
And we can't reach any higher,
if we can't deal with ordinary love

ordinary love mandela u2 art

Ordinary Love lyrics by U2. 

U2: War, Soldiers, Civilians and Civility

bono look look a like soldiers
I've got soul but I'm not a soldier
U2: War, Soldiers, Civilians and Civility

GNR once asked in a song 'what's so civil about war anyway?'. U2 seem to write songs with lyrics about war in some form or another on just about every album they've released. Except for Boy, that album was just full of stories....ahem.

U2's lyrical references to war heated up with the release of U2 first truly 'popular' album War. Marking Bono's ascent into a true lyrical monster, War's songs features thoughts on soldiers shooting protesting civilians in Sunday Bloody Sunday, Seconds reflects on terrorist actions in trying to set off atomic bombs (a theme U2 often turn to) in an supposed attempt to to cause nuclear war. Maybe. Maybe they just want us all to give peace a chance.


A song probably taken from the No Line on the Horizon album recording sessions, Winter was used in the soundtrack for the Wim Wenders film. Brothers (U2 have a long association with Wim - he directed their video for Stay and Until the End of the World was used for the film of the same name). Winter is about is a song about the experience of the armed forces in Afghanistan, where Winder's film is set.

The Unforgettable Fire

Inspired by paintings that were about the nuclear bombs that were dropped on the two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki to effectively end Japan's involvement in World War II, the Unforgettable Fire is a reflection not on war but the last effect the atomic bombs had on the people of Japan.

Bullet the Blue Sky

Arguably the most political song U2 has ever written, at least it's probably the most popular one! The lyrics are a savage indictment on American foreign policy.

Miss Sarejevo from Original Soundtracks Vol 1.

Please don't let them kill us...
When Bono asks if there's a time for East 17 (a boy band that everyone has now forgotten) during the Bonsnian war, you've gotta ask what he's talking about. The song's lyrics actually praises the rebellious spirit of the Sarajevan people who refused to surrender their way of life during the conflict. And what did they do? They staged a beauty contest. Which clearly inspired the chorus of the song, "Here she comes, heads turn around, here she comes, to take her crown".

Please - if you could consider that the IRA's disgraceful and disgusting campaign against the people of Ireland was a civil war of sorts then Please is U2 exhorting Ireland's Political leaders to stop the civil war they have been waging.

Mothers of the Disappeared is a lyrical expression of the suffering experienced by the mothers and grandmothers of the thousands of children abducted during the conflict in Central America during the late 1970s through to the mid 1980s, particularly during Argentina's so called "Dirty War" (1976-1983).

The Dirty war was a civil-style war that the American government covertly sanctioned in a bid to stop the 'communist threat' that was pervading at the time. Given this song was written in the mid 80s one can see how it's a cousin of sorts to Bullet the Blue Sky - indeed both songs appeared on the Joshua Tree album.
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