"Miss Sarajevo" Song Lyrics by U2 / Passengers

U2's "Miss Sarajevo" Lyrics from the Passengers album

U2's "Miss Sarajevo" Lyrics from the Passengers album

The only song from Original Soundtracks Vol 1 that can be truly described as a 'classic' U2 song, Miss Sarajevo was the song that served to promote the documentary of the same name.

Filmed by Bill Carter about a beauty pageant held in the midst of war-torn Sarajevo, Bosnia the exercise was a tool to highlight the humanitarian issues caused by the war.

The lyrics cut back and forth between the reality of the war and the distance the rest of the world had and its focus on boy bands like East 17 as opposed to bombs.

Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti sang one of the verses in Italian. When played live, Bono sings the Italian versus.

Miss Sarejevo lyrics:

Is there a time for keeping your distance
A time to turn your eyes away
Is there a time for keeping your head down
For getting on with the day
Is there a time for kohl and lipstick
A time for cutting hair
Is there a time for high street shopping
To find the right dress to wear

Here she comes
Heads turn around
Here she comes
To take her crown

Is there a time to run for cover
A time for kiss and tell
Is there a time for different colours
Different names you find it hard to spell
Is there a time for first communion
A time for East 17
Is there a time to turn to Mecca
Is there a time to be a beauty queen

Here she comes
Beauty plays the clown
Here she comes
Surreal in her crown

Pavarotti's part in Italian:

Dici che il fiume trova la via al mare
E come il fiume giungerai a me
Oltre i confini e le terre assetate
Dici che come fiume
Come fiume l'amore giungera
L'amore e non so piu pregare
E nell'amore non so piu sperare
E quell'amore non so piu aspettare

Is there a time for tying ribbons
A time for Christmas trees
Is there a time for laying tables
And the night is set to freeze

English translation of the Italian lyrics Pavarotti sang:

You say that as a river finds its way to the sea
And as the river you'll find your way back to me
Beyond the borders and the thirsty lands
You say that as the river
As the river, you say that love will find a way
But love, I'm not a praying man
And in love I can't believe any more
And for love I can't wait any more

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