Atomic City lyrics U2

 Atomic City song lyrics by U2

"Where you are is where I'll be," Bono declares, echoing the sentiment that in the realm of music and luck, "you just have to be right one more time than you're wrong…"

Imagine the Sphere in Las Vegas, a state-of-the-art multimedia coliseum, pulsating with the energy of U2's upcoming U2:UV shows. It's here that "Atomic City" was unleashed upon the world, just hours before the curtain lifted, setting the stage for a monumental celebration of the band's 1991 magnum opus, "Achtung Baby."

At the mixing desk, you'd find Jacknife Lee and Steve Lillywhite (Boy et al), the architects of U2's sonic landscape. Recorded in the hallowed halls of Sound City in Los Angeles, these long-standing collaborators have once again helped the band strike a balance between the nostalgic and the groundbreaking.

The track itself is a time machine, a three-and-a-half-minute journey back to the magnetic spirit of the '70s post-punk era. It's as if Blondie and Giorgio Moroder are in the room, their pioneering spirits channeled through U2's modern sensibilities.

Las Vegas, often dubbed 'Sin City,' once wore the crown of 'Atomic City' in the 1950s. The song's title is a historical nod to a time when the city was a hotspot for atomic tourism, its skyline occasionally punctuated by the distant mushroom clouds from the Nevada Test Site. It's a complex backdrop that adds layers of meaning to the song and its accompanying visuals.

Directed by Ben Kutchins and orchestrated by Tarik Mikou of Moment Factory Music, the music video is a love letter to Las Vegas' Fremont Street. It's a place that holds a special place in the band's heart, echoing their iconic video for "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," shot over three decades ago.

But at its core, "Atomic City" is more than just a song; it's a love song to U2's audience. It's a testament to a relationship that has spanned decades, a connection that is both intimate and universal.

So as you tune into "Atomic City," know that you're not just listening to a track—you're part of a narrative, a story that transcends time and space, a sonic experience that only a band like U2 could deliver. It's as if Bono himself has mixed this experience just for you, blending history, love, and music into a single, unforgettable moment.

atomic city song lyrics U2

[Verse 1]
Come all you stars falling out of the sky
Come all you angels forgetting to fly
Come all who feel we're not on our own
All UFOs come on your way home
Alone, that's no way to be carrying on
Come on, we're betting on a future that's long
Gone, in look of a song
You just have to be right one more time then you're wrong

Atomic City (Atomic)
Oh, oh
Atomic City (Atomic)
Oh, oh

I'm free
Where you are is where I'll be
I'm free
So unexpectedly

[Verse 2]
Come all who serve above and below
Come all believers and all who don't know
Come quick, come soon, comme ci, comme ├ža
Then you dive into your eyes and blah blah blah
Guitars, she pulls the strings et cetera
Sinatra swings, a choir sings
Love is god and god is love
And if your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough

{Chorus Refrain]

Atomic City (Atomic)
Oh, oh
Atomic City
Atomic Sun for everyone
For everyone


Roll the dice
That's roulette
The beat has not stopped
Speeding yet

I'm free
Where you are is where I'll be
I'm free
So unexpectedly

I'm free
I see what's in front of me
And your freedom is contagious
What you've got I wanna be
I'm free
It took me my whole life
I got the keys to the cages
I'm ready for bright lights
I'm free
I came here for the fight
I'm front row in Las Vegas
And there's a big one on tonight

Atomic City can only remind us of How to Dismantle and Atomic Bomb

The answer of course is with love.